Restaurant Cleaning

Preservation Cleaning Inc. understands the importance of a clean restaurant and provides complete janitorial services for any company in any industry. Our extensive range of services is tailored to the needs of industrial buildings, restaurants and industrial kitchens to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.
We will meet with facilities staff to determine specific requirements for your building and will work with you to plan a janitorial program and schedule that fits your needs. Services for restaurants and industrial buildings include scheduled or routine cleaning of:
  • Entrance
  • Common and Public Areas
  • Office Areas
  • Equipment and Workstation Areas
  • Warehousing Areas
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Washroom and Showering Areas.
Restaurant Cleaning by Preservation Cleaning - Toronto, CA
We also offer the following services: Power Washing of parking lots, concrete floors, sidewalks, and loading areas.
All of our employees are Insurance Board (WSIB) insured.

We’re Restaurant Cleaning Experts

And we know how vital positive customer experience is to your success.